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LAUNCH DAY! How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids - the book by Jodie Cook and Daniel Priestley

December 01, 2020 Clever Tykes
Creating useful people
LAUNCH DAY! How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids - the book by Jodie Cook and Daniel Priestley
Show Notes

We are so excited that today is the launch date of the brand new book - How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids.

You can find the book and accompanying resources here:

This episode is presented by Clever Tykes cofounder Jodie Cook. Here's the transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Clever Tykes podcast – creating useful people – if you have been following this podcast since the start and listened to the interviews with amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders you will know that we are fascinated by childhood stories and what happened when these people were younger that led them to being the amazing leaders they are today.

Well, back in 2018 I used a programme called HARO which stands for help a reporter out – and it’s where journalists and writers can get sources for their stories – and I used HARO to ask two questions.

One of these was: “how were you raised to be entrepreneurial?”, and one of these was: “how are you raising entrepreneurial kids?”.

Honestly – I wanted to write an article. I was looking for a few great responses that I could turn into something bitesize for parents and teachers to read. Instead, I got 500 amazing responses. 

500 responses with so much detail, from people telling amazing stories of their memories – and the childhood experiences that led to them being entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial - and what they were passing on to their kids or nieces and nephews to help them do the same. 

So I was reading these stories… about 40,000 words of them, with such amazement thinking – this is gonna be a long blog post – haha. I started to think that maybe I had something more here.

So I called up a friend – Daniel Priestley – who is something like a 5-time bestselling author and who works with entrepreneurs in the work his business accelerator does. Most importantly, he’s raising three kids of his own. And I was like hey, do you want to write a book? I told him about the stories I had, told him the title would be how to raise entrepreneurial kids… and he couldn’t say yes fast enough! It was just a case of yes – I’ll call my publisher – let’s do this!

And that’s how it started. We went through all those stories and grouped similar ones together. We drew out the themes and then created a 4-part framework for raising entrepreneurial kids which consists of: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial opportunities and finally the parent-mentor. 

We included stories from our own childhoods – I was definitely raised to be entrepreneurial whether or not my mum and dad meant to do that or not – and Daniel was too but he’s also got kids of his own now. So our stories are part of the book and we’ve framed the key ideas we put forward in 46 different mini-sections – and each has explainers, actionables, and some of the stories that we collected. We also included fascinating stories from well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders about how they were raised. And now – as if by magic – today we have reached the launch date of the book and it’s available everywhere that sells books.

It also has an accompanying playbook, which I just love, where we’ve taken each of the 46 sections and pulled out exercises and fun things to fill in together to explore the concepts further and just see! See how conversations go, see what you come up with and see where it leads. 

I’m so excited for you to see the book and read it and turn it into amazing conversations and fun things to do that will help someone grow up with this fierce sense of wonder and independence and creativity and resourcefulness and all those things associated with being “entrepreneurial”.

For the rest, listen to the episode :)

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